Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Access Point


Welcome and thank you for dropping by. If you're a Raspberry Pi owner and are curious about some of the  things you can do with it then this is where you can learn how to turn it into a WiFi Access Point.

There's all sorts of reasons why you may want to do this...

Given that you have a Pi, though one of the main reasons is likely to be 'because you can' !

To get started, follow the Documentation link above to be guided through setting up a Pi-Point from operating system install to fully working, I hope you find this useful!

- Guy Eastwood 

New WPA-2 config added

4th January 2016 - Many thanks to Tom Rule for contributing another WPA-2 hostapd config. Please bear in mind these configs aren't guaranteed to be thoroughly tested so keep a copy of any existing working config you have!

You can find Tom's contribution here.

HowTo re-tested and updated

31st December 2016 - Since November the default Raspbian image boots with SSH disabled. The HowTo has been updated with instructions on how to re-enable SSH for a headless install.

This update posted via a freshly configured Pi using the updated HowTo!

HowTo updated for raspberry Pi 3

8th August 2016 - Finally reworked and re-tested the HowTo so that it now works as expected on a Raspberry Pi 3 with the new networking changes that use dhcpcd instead of /etc/network/interfaces.

The SD Card page should also now be working again shortly when I've tested some images!

Pi-Point is one of the top ten projects on TechRepublic

While rummaging around Google Analytics I spotted that Pi-Point is listed on TechRepublic as one of the top ten projects to try with your raspberry Pi along with making a mobile phone and a Pi cluster. Nice to be ranked alongside such innovative projects!

You can find the top ten here at Techrepublic's site

Site transitioned to HTTPS

29 Apr 2016 - Thanks to the superb efforts of the guys at LetsEncrypt, the site has now been transitioned to an HTTPS connection thanks to their free certificate service, SSL Labs have checked it and given the site an 'A' rating too!

You can visit LetsEncrypt yourself at https://letsencrypt.org.

Pi2 problem solved

7 Nov 2015 - I've had a few queries from users saying they're having difficulties with their Pi2 and the Pi-Point setup which I finally got around to this weekend. I took the working setup test SD Card from my PiB and put it into my Pi2, which usually runs KODI. I popped the known-to-work USB dongle in and it wouldnt work.

I discovered that the firmware wasn't loading on the USB which seemed to be due to a USB timeout issue. This shows in the syslog as an error 110 when loading the nl80211 firmware. I found a post claiming that these timeouts were often caused by low USB power so I switched the Pi2 from being powered by the AV Amp USB to a phone charger and after booting the 'Test' AP reappeared.

So if you're having problems with getting Pi-Point to work on a Pi2 you might want to try a beefier power source.

Tested on the Raspberry Pi V3

18 Apr 2016 - All seems fine on the Pi3 here, added a couple of informational notes to the doc for Pi3 users.

Setup documentation re-checked

22 Sep 2015 - It's been a good while and a fair few Raspbian releases since I last checked the documentation's validity to see if it still works. Prompted by a few questions from Pi-Point user Royston I decided to follow the docs once more using the latest Raspbian on a Model B and I'm happy to report that it still worked first time here for me from a clean install. Not tried it yet on the Pi2 - will update this entry when I have switched the card from the B to the '2 and given it a go.

ClosedCloud Walkthrough - a contributed article

Dr Michael Dye has been in touch asking for a few tips on making a closed cloud which he has been kind enough to contribute back to the site as a complete walkthrough guide which you can find via the link below. Thank you very much for your time and effort, Michael!

Click here for Michael's walkthrough

Find the Pi-Point in this month's MagPi magazine!

The Pi-Point project has made it into a four page article in this month's (issue 11) MagPi magazine, check out the writeup and other great tips and tutorials at http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/3641.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a web-controlled Torrent Manager

Check out my new tutorial on how to turn your Pi into a completely remote-controlled headless Torrent Manager box with its own web-based front end!

Click here for the tutorial.

New WPA2-Personal hostapd config added

A big thanks to Simon Gibbon for his hostapd config contribution here.