Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Access Point


Welcome and thank you for dropping by. If you're a Raspberry Pi owner and are curious about some of the  things you can do with it then this is where you can learn how to turn it into a WiFi Access Point.

There's all sorts of reasons why you may want to do this...

Given that you have a Pi, though one of the main reasons is likely to be 'because you can' !

I hope you find this useful!

- Guy Eastwood 

Pi2 problem solved

7 Nov 2015 - I've had a few queries from users saying they're having difficulties with their Pi2 and the Pi-Point setup which I finally got around to this weekend. I took the working setup test SD Card from my PiB and put it into my Pi2, which usually runs KODI. I popped the known-to-work USB dongle in and it wouldnt work.

I discovered that the firmware wasn't loading on the USB which seemed to be due to a USB timeout issue. This shows in the syslog as an error 110 when loading the nl80211 firmware. I found a post claiming that these timeouts were often caused by low USB power so I switched the Pi2 from being powered by the AV Amp USB to a phone charger and after booting the 'Test' AP reappeared.

So if you're having problems with getting Pi-Point to work on a Pi2 you might want to try a beefier power source.

Setup documentation re-checked

22 Sep 2015 - It's been a good while and a fair few Raspbian releases since I last checked the documentation's validity to see if it still works. Prompted by a few questions from Pi-Point user Royston I decided to follow the docs once more using the latest Raspbian on a Model B and I'm happy to report that it still worked first time here for me from a clean install. Not tried it yet on the Pi2 - will update this entry when I have switched the card from the B to the '2 and given it a go.

ClosedCloud Walkthrough - a contributed article

Dr Michael Dye has been in touch asking for a few tips on making a closed cloud which he has been kind enough to contribute back to the site as a complete walkthrough guide which you can find via the link below. Thank you very much for your time and effort, Michael!

Click here for Michael's walkthrough

Find the Pi-Point in this month's MagPi magazine!

The Pi-Point project has made it into a four page article in this month's (issue 11) MagPi magazine, check out the writeup and other great tips and tutorials at http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/3641.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a web-controlled Torrent Manager

Check out my new tutorial on how to turn your Pi into a completely remote-controlled headless Torrent Manager box with its own web-based front end!

Click here for the tutorial.

Raspbian-Minimal Card image available

Based off the stripped-back Pi-Point image, I've made a minimal Raspbian image which boots with an SSHd server running and that's about it. It's had the Pi-Point stuff stripped out, too, to provide a pretty lean setup into which you can install what you need. Requires a 1GB SD Card or larger. You can download the image here.

New WPA2-Personal hostapd config added

A big thanks to Simon Gibbon for his hostapd config contribution here.